How To Disappear

About the project:

A runaway gets trapped in the world of human trafficking, and if she can’t escape she could disappear forever… In this modern retelling of “Little Red Riding Hood”, our protagonist (Ava) attempts to run away from a tough home environment in order to escape to her grandmother’s house.


Written & Directed by Anthon Chase Johnson

Cast: Annie Pasmann, Jorji Diaz Fadel, Rib Hillis, Brandon James, Greg Benson

Produced by: Andrew Scott James
Producers: Connor Dean, Josh Contor, Connor Dean, Josh Contor, Nicholas Hill
Executive Producer: Nicholas Hill

Cinematographer: Oscar Jimenez
First AC: Alex Merrell
Second AC: Michael Plummer

Production Designer: Lyndi Bone
Editor: Jacks Genega
Sound Design: Julienne Guffain
Colorist: Kath Raisch

First AD: Kelty Heppler
Second AD: Sydney Sorensen
Production Assistants: Macs Frederick, Paul Silltio, Dana Moore

Gaffer: Jared Jaynes
Key Grip: Tanner Padbury
Grips: Michael Saylor, Austin Farmer

Sound Engineer: Erik Naumann

Hair & Makeup: Mikaela Kester
Costume: Sammy Joe Temple
Stylists: Ty Davis, Sarah Santore

Sound Design & Mix: Erik Naumann

Catering: Amy Bigler

Special Thanks: Amy Pasmann, Christian Darais, Brent Marshall, Laurence Aston, DST Trucking, Jake's Brookside, Clint Maestas, Gas n' Go, Brooke Baer, Tim Slover, Tyler James, Wesley James, Katie Schwarz, Mystery Box, Richard & Judy James, Greg & Karen Johnson, Benjamin Carvajal, Jared Monfredi