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About the project:

There is a very real problem facing veterans with post-traumatic stress: They wait an average of 3 months to get treatment. Many government funded programs have long wait lines and lack the programing to help veterans suffering severe mental health issues get immediate assistance. But painful symptoms like flashback night terrors and extreme sensory sensitivity only deepen a veteran’s struggle to transition back into civilian life. This film is a part of the “Eliminate the Wait” campaign, which is a vital effort to shine a light on a veteran’s day-to-day experience with PTS. Our film encourages viewers to sympathize with veterans’ long wait for treatment by revealing just how much it affects their everyday lives. Because even one day of suffering is too much. Our hope is that this film—along with the OOH and social campaign that will support it—moves viewers to donate to Mission 22 and help end veterans’ wait for treatment.


Agency: BBDO San Francisco
Director/DP: Bentley Rawle
Producers: Scott James, Connor Dean, Nik Hill, Chase Johnson
Post-production: Paradox Post